Left Weighted S1?

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Re: Left Weighted S1?

MacroMatic wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

I am perfectly happy with my S1. I don't need to change.

However when using heavy lenses on the S1 I have noticed some strain on my right wrist. I am well aware of using the left hand to support the lens and am not an "out of balance" complainer. However just picking up the S1 compared to my G9 makes the left biased body weight very obvious by comparison.

Swapping to a smaller lighter lens does not make any appreciable difference - it is not the lens weight as more the the body weight bias - even though the lenses themselves must have something to do with it.

By comparison if there is any left-bias on the G9 it is not noticeable in use. Even with large lenses.

Why might this be so? - I can only think that it is the leverage caused by the centreline difference between the lens mount and the camera grip. Roughly 60mm on the G9 and 70mm on the S1. One might not have thought that this relatively small distance would make that much difference to the feel of the camera body in hand. The S1 of course provides an impressively large evf and the overall weight of the body is 899gm compared to the G9 "lightweight" 658gm. Furthermore I have no idea of the relative placement of weightier components inside the bodies.

It is just that when I pick up the S1 it immediately seems to try and rotate my wrist to the the left but with the G9, even with a substantial lens on board, the feel is 'perfect balance'.

I talk about the G9 because I have had one since first introduction and I really like it. I can compare my S1 and G9 directly.

The purpose of this post is to see if other S1/S1R users have noticed the left weighted bias of these cameras and whether the S5 feels better balanced considering that it has similar dimensions to the G9 (slightly more compact) and only a slightly heavier build at 714gm.

I guess that the S5 is similarly balanced in the hand as the G9 (ie: excellent) and perhaps this is the reason why it gets many plaudits from its devoted users rather than simply its lighter weight and physical size.

With the near perfect ergonomics of the S1 this is about the only 'complaint' I can raise. The physical weight does not bother me. Perhaps I have weak wrists?

I think as others have pointed out, it's just the overall weight and it's probably a bit deceptive of how that weight is distributed. That and your wrists may be noticing the added weight more, my wrists aren't that great anymore at middle age.

I am at a stage where I am having to reluctantly admit to 'old age' but my mind still wants me work like I used to do.  My saying goes: "An old person is someone older than you are".  

Although relatively robust I think that my wrists were never a particular strong point.

But I did notice the left lean (for want of a better description) on my S1 which in my panoply of camera bodies generally assists with the larger lenses.  So, as noted, I have put it down to these large lenses.  Consequently I was very mildly surprised when the left twist feeling remained even with a more compact lens.

Again, not a complaint, but perhaps the least appealing part of what is a very pleasant camera to use.

I went further and noted that the S1/S1R gets a few slaps about its size - but when I compare it to my EF 5Ds with battery pack it is really 'a tiddler' and the 5Ds does not seem to have the same left side down feel that the S1 seems to exude.  My wrists cannot be so bad as I can still use (say) AN EF 70-200/2.8 hand held on the 5Ds and not feel that droop effect although it is obvious that it is a serious sized bit of kit.

Regarding the G9 comparison.

I had the G9 and only truly appreciated the ergonomics fully when I moved to other bodies. I have stated ever since that, for me at least, the G9 is the best ergonomically designed camera I have ever used, both in terms of weight, feel and button layout/ number.

I agree and my G9 is now wearing the 25-50/1.7 '$ arm and a leg' and a physically large M4/3 lens fairly constantly.  This lens is probably well weighted for its size and the combination is easily used held in one hand if necessary and has no sense of side weightedness.  The comparison with the S1 with even a physically smaller and lighter lens is immediately obvious.

So I am wondering if the criticism of the S1/S1R size is a sort of backhanded notation for it being over-weighted to the left and the noticeable left twist is being written off to its larger size rather than its relative off-centre body weighting.

The S5 was lacking in that department when I changed, though it's still a great camera.

The dimension of the S5 are similar to the G9 but there is an added weight factor.  i had presumed that it might have a similar balanced feel to the G9 as being a very similar camera out of the box.

But I have no desire or intentions for the S5 as I have more than enough bodies already.  Nor am I 'a seller', or a 'chaser of rainbows' by nature.

I don't need another L-Mount body any time soon but I would seriously consider an SX1 compact RF style body with tilt lcd if one came on offer - but I am in no rush.

With that said, I am now suffering from a love affair with the S1 😆. It's the camera I've longed for without realising it. The weight is noticeable, but I do forget about it after a short period. I do think you're right about the perceived weight distribution, as it does feel to me the same as you describe. But again, I think it's just deceiving.

I'm currently using nearly 3kg of Canon lens on the S1, handheld, so when I use smaller lenses, the S1 'appears' deceptively light 😂.

I bought the Sigma DC (aps-c) 50-100/1.8 especially for use on M4/3 bodies where it can effectively either give me a fast 100-200 FF fov equivalent or I can focal reduce it to put the aps-c image circle on the 4/3 sensor.  It also works of course with auto crop sensor when adapted on the S1.  But it is a quite heavy lens and the weight is a given penalty for the speed and internal focus and zooming.

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