C&C: A set from the last several weeks

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Re: C&C: A set from the last several weeks

Using a twisted LCD screen works pretty well, so that the image is level (instead of guessing at the hip level).  You can sit at a bench and look down at the images in the LCD screen and it looks like you are just reviewing pictures.  For fun I took some of some people that were very close to me at 15mm focal length.  The lighting was not that great that day, but the experiment worked well.  My mirrorless cameras are not as noisy as my DSLR cameras, but they are not completely silent either.  Ideally everything would work better if there was absolutely no noise coming from the camera.

Again, I recommend traveling with a friend when you are taking street photos.  It's better that way, instead of being alone.  Read the about the laws of what you can photograph and what you cannot.  That helps so you know that you are doing everything that is legitimate if someone questions you of what you are doing.  Have fun playing with your camera but also be safe.

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