Compact - Canon g9X ii, Sony RX 100s, Lumix LX100 ii - thoughts welcomed

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Re: Compact - Canon g9X ii, Sony RX 100s, Lumix LX100 ii - thoughts welcomed

LorneBMT wrote:

In my quest to see what's next as a replacement for my Canon g9x II (dust on sensor issues), among cameras I've been looking at are Sony RX 100s and the Lumix LX100.

In my mind, anything larger than the g9x isn't truly pocketable (at least, not for pants). And everything I'm finding with comparable or better image quality is a chunk larger (except perhaps the Ricoh GR cameras, but they seem especially prone to dust, and I'd like to have at least some zoom).

That being the case, unless I decide to pay the considerable cost of repairing the g9x, I think I might go instead for a more capable compact for which I would need to use a case; hopefully an unobtrusive one that I could put on a belt.

In terms of features, I'm mostly interested in good wide angle and low light capability, with some degree of zoom (though not so much that it significantly impairs IQ).

Visits to camera shops and online research currently has me thinking, as mentioned above, about a Sony RX 100 or Lumix LX100. Where the Sonys are concerned, I'm a little put off by what I'm reading about the interface, and where the RX 100 vii is concerned, what I'm hearing about IQ sacrificed for zoom. At the same time, I'm seeing some good prices for RX 100s on eBay, especially for the vii. And where the Lumix is concerned, I'm wondering if its s larger size makes even the belt case idea impractical.

Welcome your thoughts about all this, and other cameras I've not considered.


So I bought an RX100 V and hauled it up Half Dome. In 2017, while using a 2015 phone, the camera beat the phone even if I blew out the sky quite a lot. Full Frame has the dynamic range to pull that off by default. 1" does not.

And of course, I'd start walking around the city at night and be running around on ISO 2000 and the color was there, but the grain was not. And losing a whole entire extra stop and a third on top of that would be bad or at least just "Use a tripod as a cane with long shutter speeds" time.

But then 24-70 just wasn't enough and I'm trying to sell mine.

So in 2022, the phone beats the compact camera. Because it has night sight and built-in HDR and 20MP > phone sensors, but I can get the light right and then post it. Or print it as long as it's not going super-large which I couldn't do at even ISO 400.

/Seriously though, $400 for an RX100 V with a grip and the filter adapter set plus a set of 3 filters (CPL, 6-stop ND, 10-stop ND). I'm basically not using it because I have a phone and I have a full-frame doom camera.

//With that said, APS-C sensors seem to have picked up the missing two stops I wanted out of them back in 2018 when I went "These are some OK, but not fantastic pictures" and tried out APS-C and Full Frame.  That's not compact by any means, but it's more compact than a full-on FF system.

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