Guess the place #232

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Guess the place #232

This long-running thread started way back in 2009.

Number 1:

This is number 232 in the series.


These are the rules for this continuing thread:

Someone will post a picture of a place on Earth in this thread.
The person who guesses where it is (with the approval of he/she who posts the picture) can then post a new image of somewhere on Earth. And so on.
Both the city/town/area and the country must be stated.
It doesn't matter if it's really hard but keep in mind that people must have a chance to guess it.
If nobody has guessed it after 48 hours, a new image may be posted by anyone.
If more than one person posts a picture, the first image is in play.
New images must be posted as replies to the original message and within 24 hours; otherwise there will be a free turn.
All makes of cameras are welcome.

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