A warning about the peculiar ergonomics of the X-H2S

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A warning about the peculiar ergonomics of the X-H2S

I had mine for a few hours and went over the manual several times.

The PASM dial is already a big departure from Fuji's original way of operating, but I figured I could live with it.

However when I saw they put the C1-7 banks on the dial, I worried.

Rightly so. It's normally fairly standard to be able the change current visual style independently of the camera operation mode. And vice versa.

On my X-T4, I very often switch rapidly between 2-3 strong visual styles, tosee what fits the shot.

Just because I want to shoot black and white, that doesn't mean I want to change other operational parameters (AF mode, Drive mode, P,A,S,M)

But it is unfortunately the case with the X-H2S. The C presets encompass just about anything. So changing image style also means changing camera operation mode. To make things worse, there is no button assignable to "Shooting Mode", so it's a menu dive.


I composed a shot in my Kodachrome preset, in M. I shoot in A most of the time, so my banks will default to this most likely. Now if I want to call my grainy black and white just to see how it would look, it would change me to A.

I can't think of a quick elegant way to solve this. A more elaborate solution could be to keep the C1-C7 on the dial strictly about operation mode. Because it is useful to have the ability, for example, to store a S, AF-C, 40fps, or then maybe a long exposure "mode" etc... but I don't want those associated with a visual style. The visual styles would be stored on different preset bank, callable by a button toggle.

That would be great! but the current system is poorly thought out....(at least for photographers)

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