Refilling Epson P5000

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Very true what you state about fading.........

A lot of users on this forum are just hobbyists and ink costs mean a lot to them so 3rd party inks are the best way for them. Plus most likely fading doesn't mean much. If they want to keep a special print for a long time use a lab for some of the prints.

Yes most of my prints using Injetmall (Jon Cone) inks are over 10 years old and stored in albums and have no fade at all. I ran a real world fade test with Cone vs OEM Epson inks with prints on a wall for 1 year. No fade in either. I was the one that supplied Aardenburg with the R3000 Cone ink test print samples.

Now here is something to think about - Inkjetmall's main customers are Epson large format printer users. Usually these large format people are printing to sell and they use 3rd party ink. Look at Jon Cone's custom print services, his client list is some of the best photographers, his print prices are extremely high.........he uses his own inks!

Do we really know if the many labs out there use OEM ink or is it 3rd party?

Bob P.

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