Help ? S5 - 4k 60 ultra wide ?

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Re: Help ? S5 - 4k 60 ultra wide ?

ptr22 wrote:

I don't have an iPhone but an S20+ that's meant to have an equivalent of 13mm as well. I have the Sigma 14-24mm and that's probably the closest lens to that and, their 14mm prime lens aside, that will roughly give you that kind of look with auto focus. However, auto-focus in video, especially with Sigma, is something many people complain about.
With manual focus, there are a few more options e.g. from 7artisan or TTartisan and others. Panasonic has a 20-60mm and a 16-35mm that might work but I don't think they give you that almost fish-eye look (not my 20-60mm at least).

Hope this helps somewhat.
Best wishes,

Your advice is very much appreciated sir! Thank you !

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