Best portrait combo in existence

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Re: Best portrait combo in existence

MattPointZero wrote:

photosandmusic wrote:

Just took the plunge. 50mm, 110mm and 250mm along with the 100S 😳

arriving tomorrow. All bases covered.

The 110mm is the best portrait lens I have ever found, hands down, no question. Just a beautiful lens, much better than the (also great) 80mm which I have also owned.

Having had both the 100s and the 50s I am one of the crazy people that slightly favours the look of the old camera, but you have an amazing kit that as long as you master the AF with, will absolutely blow you away.

Thank you. I’m really excited. Was tempted by the 50S but for under 2 grand more the extra mp and (from what I’ve read) af makes the 100S worthwhile. I tend to crop a lot. The 250/4 has me super excited…
I have a Q2 monochrome as well and so I feel I really have the best of both worlds now.

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