Lightweight carry everywhere prime (35-50mm range) with A7C

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Lightweight carry everywhere prime (35-50mm range) with A7C

Happy Sony A7C + Tamron 28-200mm user here for traveling purposes and also use my iPhone 13 pro for day to day snapshots. Don't like the regular lens of the iPhone (26mm ish?) but do like the tele (77mm ish?). Do think the tele is a little too close for regular shooting though. My fav focal length lies somewhere between 35mm and 65mm a lot I guess.

I am looking for a carry everywhere prime for my Sony A7C so I can also capture some nice moments with my family that aren't regular snapshots. Since I also want to use this lens in lower light situations indoor and outside and like to have some decent DOF my 28-60mm is not for this. I also want an aperture ring on it.

So I am contemplating the following:

  • Sigma 35mm f2 - Seems like a good choice in the 35mm segment. Nice to complement later with a 65mm f2 for weekend getaways. 
  • Sigma 45mm f2.8 - Love the rendering of the photographs I've seen taken with this lens and I have a feeling 45mm is a nice compromise of the 35 and 50mm focal length. Lightweight.
  • Samyang 45mm f1.8 - Don't like the build of Samyang lenses, but reviews mention this a good lens after the firmware update. Lightweight.
  • Sony 40mm / 50mm f2.5 G - Out of the two I would probably pick the 40mm. Not that convinced by the depth of field look by these lenses.

I am leaning towards one of the two Sigma's and since there is only a 100 dollar difference between the two I'm not sure which suits me better. The 45mm is lighter and smaller but I've read the autofocus and sharpness of the 35mm is better. 35mm is f2, 45mm f2.8.

Or am I missing something that really puts the Sony or Samyang on top of my list besides maybe price for the Samyang? Or is there another lens that fits my bill even better?

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