600mm f/4 FL autofocus stopped working

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Re: 600mm f/4 FL autofocus stopped working

I have over some years had issues with AFS motors on different Nikon telelenses. Most of the cases have been some faults withe the motor but I also had a case where I doubt that the reason has been simply something with the bajonet. If you get a question from the servicecompany " Is the reapir under warranty", you can guess that the company suggests to change all possible components as the diagnostics can be very troublesome. I have a 600/4 FL lens now that I was almost sure that the motor was faulty as it didnt work sometimes , but rolling the lensbajonet got it working always. Now as I have used it more it works without fault. My experience with trhe big lenses is that use them first actively and then leave them for repair if necessary.

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