Refilling Epson P5000

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There are many P5000 refillable cartridges available.

The set if not cheap and the cartridge chips are not re-settable, you must buy/use single use chips, which again are not cheap.

I sort of disagree with other posters here about 3rd party inks.  Inkjetmall (Cone) inks are great quality.  Yes they fade slightly faster than OEM, but the quality is there.  They won't clog your print head any more than OEM.  Color matching to OEM is excellent.  They have the same polymer encapsulated pigment particles as OEM,  In fact,, they are more glossy than OEM which helps a lot with satin/luster/glossy prints.  I have prints made with Inkjetmall ink that are over 10 years old and don't see any fading to the eye.

I must admit that I now run OEM inks extracted from Epson large format printer cartridges using refillable cartridges in my Epson R2880, R3000, P600 printers.  These extracted OEM inks are currently a lot cheaper than Inkjetmall inks, but if the cheap (Ebay) large format cartridge supply dries up I have no problem going back to Inkjetmall inks.  A lot of people just like to print but can't afford the OEM ink prices, they also may not care much about fading, 3rd party inks are for them.

Good luck in your quest!

Bob P.

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