C&C: A set from the last several weeks

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Re: C&C: A set from the last several weeks

Your pictures look bright and cheery.  There's enough depth of field to my liking.  The shutter speed didn't have to be that high in some of them.

You might want to take more pictures of people of their front side.  It means, although, some may not like it when they see you do it.  But it's something I do.  If you go with someone else, that helps reduce any bullying that you might experience.  Also know the laws of taking pictures in a public place of people that are strangers in your area.  It varies all over the world.  I've found that by using the LCD screen of my mirrorless or DSLR camera and tilting it, that it doesn't appear that I'm taking a picture of them.  That way, the photo can stay candid and you don't have to point the camera directly at one's face.

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