battery grip for R7?

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Re: On my RP

Mark B. wrote:

PhotosFlight wrote:

SteveinLouisville wrote:

I bought a 3rd party grip with a second vertical shutter button. It also holds two batteries. I would imagine a 3rd party grip will be available soon for the R7.

Hope so.

I'm doubting it. Apparently the width of the R7 body is not enough for 2 batteries end to end, which negates a battery grip being produced. Also, there is a definitive photo in the thread that clearly shows there are no contacts that would allow for controls on a grip to operate the camera.

A battery grip with just one battery would have been fine for me Or do like Panasonic and leave the first battery in the camera and the second one in the grip.
Actually never have used 2 batteries in a grip as it makes it too heavy, just want the grip and controls for when I'm shooting vertically.

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