Lens combination suggestion for a trip to Italy

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Lens combination suggestion for a trip to Italy


I'm in a little existencial crisis. I'm going 10 days to Italy with my family (Bologna, Lago di Garda and Florence). We ca't take a lot of luggage, so I'm limited to 2 lenses (I could take 3 fujicrons, but I don't have them). I have:

XF 10-24 WR

XF 16-80

XF 70-300

XF 18mm f1.4

XF 33mm f1.4

XF 56mm f1.2

Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 for Fuji

I'm not going to take the 70-300 as it's a little to big for this trip and I don't think I'd use it enough. Also, I won't have the time I like to use the Voigtlander, so I think I'll keep it at home.

  • My first idea was to take the 10-24 and 16-80, but I don't know if I'll be using the 10-24 enough and I fear I'll miss a prime
  • Now I'm inclined to take the 16-80 and 18mm. It's a little redundant, but I like the idea of using the prime when we are walking around the cities and to take candids in restaurants (I use it as a 23mm also using the sports finder* mode so I find it versatile enough)
  • Another option could be taking the 18 and the 33 (using them as a 18mm/23mm and 33mm/41mm using the sports finder*), but I fear needing too much lens swaps and for static interiors the 16-80 is better as it has a very good OIS (my X-T3 doesn't have IBIS)

What do you think? Any suggestion?

Thank you!

*I'm confident using the sports finder with these lenses as they have an incredible resolving power, so the cropped results are more than sharp and detailed enough.

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