Is there any software (or other solution) to locate original RAW files for edited JPEGs and copy?

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Another way

You need both a foldering and naming scheme.

Once you get one, you could use a tool like DownloaderPro (in eval mode) to not only find your files, but rename and move them into a coherent structure.   Your RAW files would end up next to identically named (except extension) JPG files.

I did this years ago to take tens of thousands of DSCxxxxxx images and put them into order.  In my case the folder structure looks like this:

year/event/dailyfiles such as 2022/Bonaire/060622

I've shot several times with two cameras of the same model, and my system also discriminates those files, renaming them so they don't conflict.

My naming system is:


The subsecond discriminates files when you shoot more than 1 frame per second.

The date-based name sorts itself but never conflicts with another file.

There are many naming schemes.  All have issues.  Pick one and stick with it.

With DownloaderPro, you can point it to a folder and have it search all subfolders.  This is how you find your images.   Then, renamed and copied images will go into the folder structure you want, and it will create those folders automatically.   If you don't like the results, delete and try again.  Once you have a small set of folders done, just point DownloaderPro to the whole drive and let it search everything.

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