New Z 400 4.5 makes 300 Pro look porky

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Re: New Z 400 4.5 makes 300 Pro look porky

The Nikon 400 will not mount on my EM3 iii is my first thought. Second whether lighter, or more heavy I accept M4/3 for what it is. As with all systems there are some pluses and some minuses. Selecting a single issue does not make for a comparison, just a selective observation. The design considerations for different formats are not the same.

you might reasonably say, given some of the challenges of building affordable premium long lenses , the Olympus is surprisingly svelte. 
personally I don’t think size or weight is too much of an issue. I like Olympus and Panasonic cameras to use. I have owned and tried Sony, Nikon, Canon and Leica cameras. Now I just shoot M4/3 and Sigma for digital and Olympus for analogue. 
For me , the new Nikon lens is great for Nikon users, but otherwise a non event

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