Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

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Re: Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

cosmicnode wrote

If you shoot fast sports it has to come with blackout free high speed shooting. For me this is far more important then WYSIWYG. The difference between the flicker of a mirror but the accurate positioning of a moving subject in the viewfinder is far superior to a delayed image of where the subject was and a blackout, this is far more annoying than the flicker of the mirror. I can use a Z6 for non action shooting, no problem but for sports' forget it.

I mostly shoot birds with my D500 and often birds against a bright sky which frequently  makes it tough to expose correctly. Don’t think you’d have the same problem when shooting sports but for BIF WSYIWYG (lots of capital letters 😅) would makes things a lot easier. At least that’s my experience with the Z7 which otherwise is less capable as an action camera.

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