Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

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Re: Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

I made the mistake of selling my D500 and 200-500 thinking the Z6 would replace it. So I would love to buy a Z500 or whatever they call it. Being mirrorless it would need a stacked sensor with fast readout and a direct feed to the evf to provide accurate AF and blackout free viewing. The Z6 is a little to small the D500 is for me the perfect size, but adaptable with a battery pack for longer heavier lenses. I simply began to find the weight of the D500 and 200-500 getting to be a little to heavy over a long day of motorsport, so I got a Olympus EM1X and 100-400 Panasonic lens, this is lighter than the 200-500 alone. but the AF is nowhere near that of even a old DSLR. I was going to buy the new Z100-400, but will not do so since there is no body available at a reasonable cost (around D500 + cost) that has good enough AF for motorsport. I have on occasion taken out old DSLR bodies I still own, D3 and D300 and found the AF to be superior to current mirrorless. with the possible exceptions of the expensive Z9 or Sony A1/A9, and Canon R3 bodies,

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