Got my Sony 15mm F1.4G and it produces horrible images

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Mark S Abeln
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Axial chromatic aberration

That appears to be axial or longitudinal chromatic aberration, which is common with fast lenses. Some lenses with a different optical design don't have this defect, but understand that a well-corrected lens typically is large, heavy, and expensive.

This defect will be reduced once you stop the lens down, or it may be fine if used with subjects where such fringing doesn't matter. Or, just don't pixel peep, and enjoy the image whole and entire from a reasonable distance.

I have an 85 mm f/1.4 lens with considerable axial chromatic aberration, but it is pretty much unnoticeable when I use it outdoors with nature scenes; the green fringing in the background blends in with the green out-of-focus foliage.

Unlike the common transverse or lateral chromatic aberration, this defect can't be satisfactorily corrected by software.

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