I'll buy an OM-5 if ...

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I'll buy an OM-5 if ...

So I bought the OM-1 recently and it's a great camera, yadda yadda yadda. Pairs very nicely with my E-M1ii - the OM-1 for action and better AF in general and another OM-D for when I need a second body. Most of the time, I just carry the OM-1.

What would make for a great second body that I would carry all the time would be a high MP sensor. 30MP or higher. It's theoretically possible since the current sensor has 80 million pixels, configured as a 20MP sensor.

It would be a poor strategy IMO for the OM-5 to be a handicapped, smaller OM-1. For action you generally want a good grip to handle faster / longer lenses. The OM-1 ergonomics are very good for that. It's also a very affordable camera (compared to similarly capable flagships) and if you really do want a cheaper, somewhat less capable camera for action, we already have plenty of other 20 MP bodies to choose from.

What's missing though is a high MP body. High-res shot can only get you so far and we're lacking a camera that allows for more detail or generous cropping when needed. For architecture, portraits, landscapes etc.

Even for bird photographers, it would solve the hassle of dealing with TCs. Switching the lens to a high MP body for perched birds is a lot easier than removing the OM-1, attaching a TC, then attaching that back to the lens etc. It would also make lenses like the 40-150 a LOT more versatile.

Anyway, this is all academic. No doubt the camera is already in the hands of early reviewers. I just do not see the utility / business sense of OMDS releasing yet another $1000-1500-ish 20MP body, if that's what it is.

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