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Re: Using Photos on Mac - OP's resolution?

Aberaeron wrote:

Labmom60 wrote:

Thought maybe I did something to change things but don’t know what

Change the card’s [camera’s] name in finder when it shows and open Photos. It should show up with the new name on the left of Photos. If so go to Imports and click on ‘Open Photos for this camera’ or words to that effect. Then just import normally. It may be that this might need to be done after every time you format the card, or not. Remember to eject the card using the eject button on the left of Photos or in Finder, leaving a second or two for its listing to disappear before dismounting the card.

Try it and see. If it works, it works. If not, back to the drawing board.

thank you. I’ll try it tomorrow. I’ve found YouTube videos on how to  turn off Photos from automatically opening but nothing on how to set it up to have Photos automatically opening on start up

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