Is there any software (or other solution) to locate original RAW files for edited JPEGs and copy?

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Re: Is there any softwareto locate original RAW files

itfcsam wrote:

I've not renamed the files. They're just the photo name off the camera. So like DSC008331 or something along those lines.

If you haven't renamed the files, then the potential for scripted solutions using power shell or cygwin becomes a lot easier.

create text file "goodlist" with list of 862 desired images.  No .jpg extension.

for jpegs in `cat goodlist`


find / -name "$jpegs.CR2" -exec cp {} /home/me/goodraws \;


This searches the entire directory structure (what ever drive you're on) for filename.CR2, then copies it to goodraws dir in your homedirectory.  Create it first.    You can rerun for each drive letter.

CR2 is for Canon.   Use suitable raw extension for your needs.   This is case sensitive on unix, possibly not in windows space.

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