My SX30 IS camera will not turn on

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Re: My SX30 IS camera will not turn on

labrie wrote:

SX30 cannot charge batteries in-camera, you need a charger. As for battery availability, I think you can safely try third-party replacements; reputable manufacturers such as Duracell sell them for about $18-$20, and with a bit of research/luck, good enough ones from lesser known sources can be found even in <$10 range. Just read the comments and avoid improbably high capacity.

good replies. i have a canon SX30 and use a Canon NB-7L battery in it, but i also use the XXX brand equivalent in this camera and others. amazon and ebay have them very inexpensive.

if you buy third party batteries, get the charger at the same time with a bundle. Brand XXX sells on ebay/Amazon very cheap. Duracell is a better brand but will cost more and prolly worth it.

but beware, normally the after market batteries don't last as long as Canon and i would not leave them on the charger for over an hour, as it may have a slight chance of being a fire hazard IMHO.

mine have always been safe but some people leave batteries charging all the time, even OEM.  IMHO just don't and be happy. better to baby sit any charging batteries and pull them off the charger, even if not fully charged.

Edit, your Canon NB-7L battery is prolly still good.  get a charger when you buy your battery and see for yourself.

please tells us what happens.

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