Refilling Epson P5000

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Re: Refilling Epson P5000

Thanks for all the interesting replies.  It is not a topic I’ve thought much about.  So, my statement above on non-oem inks may well be wrong.  But it’s a strong gut feeling that most prio-level Epsons around the world are used with non-oem inks.  This is also based on talking with several professional printers in Eastern Europe and Asia, who assured me that they and their colleagues never considered buying OEM inks.  I am happy to be prrsuaded otherwise or hear more opinions from those in the know.

I, personally, only ever used oem inks in my printers.  Even though I used K3 in HD machines. (For me, printing on and maintaining several pro-level printers is purely a hobby and charity, into which i invested tens of thousands and made 0 from it so far).

But if I was a professional printer and lived in a country with much lower living standards (as most countries are), how would it be reasonable for me to pay hundreds of dollars for each cartridge and to charge several follars for each print?  This, in a world, where most people live on only a few dollars per day?

Printers in third world countries still use professional Canon and Epson prointers.  But what are the chances most of them are paying hundreds of dollars per cartridge?

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