Nikon D850 Exposure Issues

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Re: Nikon D850 Exposure Issues

jerrylipski wrote:

I am a new owner of a Nikon D850 body. I use it with my Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 and Nikon 200-400 f/4 to shoot horse events such as Pleasure Events, barrel racing and pole bending. No matter what MODE I use, P, M, A or S, the images always come out 1-2 stops darker than what the back screen shows.

Darker than what? Your PC monitor? If you explain what you mean more I can maybe help. Remember - your backscreen is likely up at max brightness "+5" for daylight viewing (like I also do). But that will not correlate to a PC monitor etc.

Yet when I am looking thru the eye piece, the metering is right on the center marker and I'm thinking, "The D850 has this"..

The D850 in matrix depending on the scene will underexpose, that is more about learning how to work the metering. Every camera is different. The D850 will underexpose a scene if you put a lot of white in it, and overexpose with a lot of black. Essentially it is trying to get everything a middle grey. But with time, experience you will see how it works and dial that in. That is about the photographer, getting the settings right.

I have now uploaded the newest Firmware version, 1.20 and 2.018. I checked to make sure I do not have BRACKETING turned on. For me to get a somewhat good image, I need to be either at +0.7 or +1.0 in EV.

I use Matrix Metering with 20mm Center Weighted area. Can anyone shed light on this. I solely use JPG and do not use NEF unless I am doing portraits.

I take 1,500-2800 shots a day at events. So editing is as streamline as it can get.

I had a D800 which really never gave me this issue. Except for the huge jump in ISO which is great, I am starting to feel like I should get my D800 out again. Please tell me I'm just adjusting something incorrectly..

The D800 meters differently. I had it, sounds like you just need to learn this new tool. New camera's take time to adapt to. It is why I am loathe to change things that work without damn good reason. I have a D810 now, but did enjoy the D800 for many years.

NB I am not a jpg shooter - but if I were I'd have ADL on to my preferred settings to help with JPG exposure balance. I'd also fine tune the D850 optimal exposure in it's menu to taste. I bumped mine up by 0.3 for raw shooting, then I ride the dials and get the settings I want.

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