4 channel audio: Stereo analog + digital multi-shoe interface?

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Re: 4 channel audio: Stereo analog + digital multi-shoe interface?

Mike Evangelist wrote:

Niber wrote:

aronake wrote:

you need sony xlr-k3m to get 4 channel audio

Gotcha, so basically it's impossible if you do gimbal shooting. That's unfortunate.

Have you considered an inexpensive external audio recorder? That wouldn't have to be on the gimbal, and it's pretty easy to sync up the tracks in post.

Something like this - https://tascam.com/us/product/dr-40x/top

Yeah the mic I have attached to my gimbal now is the Zoom H1n, except I have it plugged into the camera's analogue mic input instead of using it as a recorder. I've never understood people who says its easy to sync in post, as I find it to be anything but. It must be dependent on style of shooting, I like being able to just go around and take short clips of little things for example when I'm walking the dog, it would be a huge organization nightmare to sync everything in post, especially if it's only years later when I decide to turn some clips into a published video.

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