Will the Ricoh GR line one day be full frame again ?

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Re: Will the Ricoh GR line one day be full frame again ?

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The GR originated in the film era (GR1), so its originally a 35mm format (FF) P&S with 28mmf2.8 retractable lens.


Obviously the only reason why the "GR digital" from 2005 had 1/1.8" sensor and the "GR" from 2013 had APSC sensor is that technology then wasnt advanced enough or cheap enough to make the GR a viable fullframe sensor compact from the beginning.


Since Sony introduced FF mirorrless in 2014 with the a7 line, FF has since become much more affordable with entry level FF bodies today starting below $1000.

To me it seems just natural to step from 1/1.8" sensor in 2005 to APSC sensor in 2013 back to 35mm FF sensor in 202x.

But will we really see it?

With the declining camera market right now i dont think its gonna happen any time soon. But maybe in a few years when full connectivity with phones is standard and has made small phone+small P&S attractive again...

What do you think?

I hope not, it’s already (imho) a better camera than. Any FF analogue camera , and why follow and empty concept called fashion ?

Not sure I understand what you are saying? Do you not like analog cameras?

yes , I do like analog cameras. If Ricoh manufactured a new analog camera I would buy one in a heart beat: however you will know that analog and digital are vastly different . The analog gives you a look that is characteristic of film. IMHO digital film simulations  rarely faithfully capture that look. 
digital on the other hand will out perform analog because you are not working within the limits of a given film and modern APSC sensors and to some extent the 1/1.7 sensor in the GRD iii out perform most films. 
a FF GR is unnecessary , it likely would have a bigger heavier lens,  perhaps body too , and would make images that are indistinguishable to the eye from those captured on APSC.


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