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So... it looks like my old 105vr macro port (87) isn't the right one for the 105s (80). Sigh. At least the 230mm dome port is still usable. I'm intrigued by any mention of any normal zoom range at this point. I've missed the focal lengths between 35mm dome and 105mm flat port! I'm thinking maybe 24-70f4 behind the 230mm?

Be nice to get the camera...

=> You can check, whether the old port fits by diameter and is able to house the lens. If yes the old port is just 7mm to long. This will reduce the distance from object to front of the port by 7mm (and the port window has to be extra clean, since speckles may soften the image more compared to be closer to the lens). On the other side, the port chart says that the working distance, even with CMC-2 is 22-38mm (= closest working distance since maximum magnification)) - in your case with the old port this would be reduced to to 15-31mm (but I am not sure how much the closeup lens is impaired when not closest to the front of the lens - this has to be tested also))...

=> theoretically the 24-70 will perform better behind the 230 port than behind the (recommended) 180 port. The 180 port is just easier to transport and to drag through the water. I guess you will take with you the 230 port anyway, because of the WA lens. Taking an additional 180 port for the 24-70 is more stuff to carry and check-in, maybe it is better to travel just with the 230...


P.S.: I read you response to my question in Wetpixel (whether next camera will be DX or FX): ...

I am in a similar situation: I will retire this October and on this occasion I plan to upgrade from MFT to FF. With 66 I still feel young and strong and hardly understand why some are so whiny about carrying around UW camera gear...

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