Refilling Epson P5000

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Re: A better place to try?

Thanks, Keith! I’ll check on those forums as well.

I read somewhere most professional level printers, on the level of 4800-4900 and above are being refilled. Why woulfd P5000 be any different? From what I understand, very few professional users outside of US, Some EU countries and Japan use OEM inks and higher-level printers are actually intended to run on non-oem inks. The losses of ink sales are supposedly factored into the price of higher-end printers. I would bet that most of professional Epson printers around the world run on third-party inks.

The only advantage of OEM inks is longevity. Print longevity is important for artists and individuals printing family photos. But is the difference in fade-resistance between 20 and 80 megalux hours truly important for most commercial printers (who print for clients, rather than themselves) over huge cost savings?

On the other hand, I would expect a lot more prosumer printers, like p600, p700, and p800 to run on OEM inks, as artists are using these printers to print their few precious works, rather than printing en masse for the clients.

I used to print photos with the highest-end commercial printers in NYC. These were the same places that most on this forum know and that most wedding photographers use. 5-10 years down the line, most of those prints are badly faded. I doubt that any of these top brand-name ever used OEM inks. If this happens with top NYC printers, I doubt the rest of the world’s commercial printers are any better. So why wouldn’t a professional-level printer like p5000 be designed to handle third-party inks if that’s what most of the world is using?

Am I wrong in my statements above?

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