Compact everyday lens - Tamron 28-75 G2 or Sigma 28-70 DG DN?

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Re: Compact everyday lens - Tamron 28-75 G2 or Sigma 28-70 DG DN?

Martin_99 wrote:

4Photos wrote:

Sebastian Z wrote:

4Photos wrote:

Sebastian Z wrote:

papajohnny wrote:

Distortion is easily corrected in LR:

There are zero problems in real life.

This is exactly what I'm refering to, first 3 photos of the wall...this is dissaster, I call it how I see it. Those lines should be straight like an arrorw.

And they will be perfectly straight if processed correctly. All modern lenses (more or less) depend on software correction. Probably the profiles in LR where off. This is NOT a problem with the lens, but a problem with the software you used (or the setting in the software).

See Dustin Abbott:

Essentially he finds the same as you, but it becomes a non-issue once LR has the proper profile for this lens.

It is exactly what I see, check his 28mm "corrected" version, to me it is unacceptable, while non issue for some it will be unacceptable for others.

I agree - the "corrected" version is unacceptable. The problem however is not with the lens, but the poor correction profiles used in not up-to-date software.

This topic seems to be strongly exaggerated to me. Can somebody who own Sigma 28-70 share some scene with straight lines at 28mm? Just use updated correction profile (or just shoot in jpg). I doubt, that we will see such wavy lines.

I guess eveyone is so influenced and messmorised they do not read and accept what is beeing shown. People are trained not to have their opinion, they are scared to have their opinion, it is scary...

If Dustin says photo on the left is corrected and looks good, eveyone is convinced it is looking good. To me Dustin if full of S, and I will not read his reviews, I might check his tests and phtos becasue I see exactly the same what he shot, difference is he sees it is "straight" I see it warped.

Open this photo in photoshop and check with grid if you don't see it.

I used newest version of Lightroom with newest lense profiles, it is slightly better but not straight like in the case of eg Sigma 24-70mm

28-70mm is awesom to shoot your cat or landscape, but any architecure or straight lines it just looks distored.

I would love to hear or see photos from people that own or had this lense, paid influencers no need to respond, people who never shoot this lense also will not bring any value.

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