Is there any software (or other solution) to locate original RAW files for edited JPEGs and copy?

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Re: Is there any softwareto locate original RAW files

Did you rename the files, or is it Mybest111.jpg and Mybest111.CR2?   This scenario is the easiest to do a find and copy routine.

Or are you looking for something very intelligent that will decode the raw and find jpegs that are a strong match?   That would be more difficult.

You have 812 "good" jpegs. How many RAWs are we talking about?

Is the EXIF info still intact on the jpeg? Even if the names have changes, the datestamp for when the photo was taken can be used to match up files.    In a flat dir, you could just sort by this argument, or you could make a temp folder with the 812 jpegs and all raws and have lightroom catalog them, sort by the field.  They will either appear together as one, or next to each other with very similar looking thumbnails.

How much raw we're talking about determines is this is plausible route, or if you need to go the manual route.   The power tools answers would involve command line or potentially smart GUI search utils that could return all images matching a given date.

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