Is there any software (or other solution) to locate original RAW files for edited JPEGs and copy?

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Re: software (or other solution) to locate original RAW files for edited JPEGs and copy?

itfcsam wrote:

Hello all,

I am basically wondering if there is software which will look through a folder of JPEGs, and locate its original RAW file and move this RAW file to the JPEG folder (or a selected folder).

Is this possible to do?

Some context behind this; So, I've used Lightroom for a good few years. I tend copy my RAW files across to my laptop, from camera to a year/month/date folder structure, and then import the copied RAW into Lightroom.

I do my processing, as and when required, and export a few JPEGs to a 'edits' folded within the original folder. Sometimes I was/am good with culling unused RAW files but not always.

I've then copied these folders (RAWs and the secondary Edits folder with JPEGs) to various portable hard drives over the years. I then clear off the laptop to make space for my future files etc.

For the last 4 years or so, I've also created a folder for my 'best' jpegs within these various 'edits' folders through the months and years.

I keep this folder on my laptop for quick access to my favourite JPEGs.

I now want to find the RAW files to all these JPEGs and catalogue these separately as well.

Is there a software which can look at these favourite JPEGs (812 in number), and search for its original RAW file, across my various portable hard drives (obviously when connected)? And then, copy/move these RAW files back the laptop or an additional location?

Hope this explains what I'm looking to do.

I've been trawling through the internet and come across applications such as Photo Mechanic and ACDsee but not sure these have the search and copy/move function.

Many thanks in advance.

Sounds like a real mess. I don’t favour the year\month\date scheme; I’ve always saved in named folders such as…

  • Italy 2015
  • Sophie Graduation
  • Canada 2019

Each with appropriate sub-folders, including \raw, if needed.

With only 812 files, you are probably best advised to search manually. During your labours, you’ll be likely to find groups of files, and that will speed up the process.

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