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Homos wrote:

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and beginner, they recently gave me a Fuji HS30 exr (used) considering that I'm inexperienced, I tried to see on You Tube if I could find on how to set the menu to be able to start my desire to learn to use  this camera, but after several videos seen, they just confused me more : Iso, shutter speed and aperture each photographer prefers. I understood the difference between them but matching everything to get  a decent photo there is some field tests, on the occasion of the baptism of my nephew, I I ask if someone wants to waste some time to give me tips to better set the camera for indoor and outdoor photos  so that I can take better  images  and practice at the same time, and who knows give some decent shots, I state that my daughter knows that my photos are only for my use. I say hello to everyone, and thank you for reading my request. Homos

I took the liberty to correct some of the Italian to English Google translation.

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