Quantum Dot Display?

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Quantum Dot Display?

Hi everyone

I'm buying a new 27 Monitor. It's Rapid-IPS and for around 100-120$ extra dollars, I can get the Quantum Dot variation of the same screen.

It's mentioned Quantum Dot is for "professional work". Now, I'm not a professional photographer, but once in a while I enjoy booting up Capture one and do some post-processing.

I'm trying to understand where the connection starts and end between Quantum Dot display and Post-Processing. For what I gathered online, is that most of the photo printers, use Adobe RGB as color standard. So when your post-process, you want to set your monitor to use aRGB and not sRGB. In order for aRGB to be displayed properly color-wise, you need a specific Hardware. Quantum Dot is such an hardware.

So if I boils it all down, if I want to PRINT my post-processing photos, I probably want a Quantum Dot display, so the print will look exactly like it does on my screen.

If I don't print - It's probably better to post-process on sRGB - as most displays will use sRGB - and even that is not guarantee - as color accuracy different between sRGB display.

I don't print often, maybe a picture I like once in a while, so I'm not sure I need QD support, but...

Is that about right? or am I'm missing something here?

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