Nikon D850 Exposure Issues

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Daniel Bliss Senior Member • Posts: 2,030
Re: Nikon D850 Exposure Issues

I'd experiment a little. Compared to every other Nikon body I've owned, the D800 has been the one that tended in my view toward "overexposure". From what I've experienced the D800 metering applies less weight to strong highlights in the area of interest than did the N90, F100, D7000, D2H for example. I assume the D850 is back to more of a traditional Nikon pattern though I have not shot one (I have two D800s).

Bear in mind I'm one of those people that always rated Kodachrome 64 at ISO 80.

However, that's a pretty big adjustment. Do you still have your D800 around to test with, let's say on a blank wall in controllable lighting?

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