Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

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Re: Who would buy a Nikon Z (DX) a la D500?

So, something that costs $2000, and can accurately track autofocus and auto-exposure at >=10fps. Effectively it would be a Z9 without the grip and a 21MP DX-sized sensor. Or it would be a Z6 with the Z9's Autofocus (at the Z6's price point), so it would have to dumb-down the video ability, otherwise it would eat the Z9 or Z6 market-share. But mirrorless cameras are best for video, so its hard to dumb that down. Maybe they improve the AF firmware on the Z6 and get it closer in performance to the D500, assuming the dual Expeed6 is up to the task.

I think Nikon will make something when the Z9's coming off the assembly line haven't already been sold 2 months ago. The Expeed7 is probably the one thing limiting Z9 production right now. The last thing they are going to do is divert some of those processors to put in a product that costs $3500 less.

Personally, I'd love one, but I'm not a pro so I'm not buying it today.  I'd get a used one in a few years. I'd keep most of my F-mount glass that works with the FTZ, and slowly slide into the Z-mount-erverse.  If I was a working pro-sports photographer with a D500 as a primary, I probably don't have much DX glass, and so the Z9 is a logical upgrade.

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