Rethinking my Kit

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Rethinking my Kit

I've been rethinking some of my gear lately. What gets used, what doesn't, and what am I considering getting. I'm just rambling out loud, not necessarily asking for advice. Maybe some of you are having similar thoughts:

Parallel thought: I don't care so much about sharpness any more. All of my lenses are very sharp. But some just render some jeu no se qua beauty in the images. Some lenses I'm noticing are very sharp, but lackluster or flat, or maybe busy swirly bokeh.

My Keepers:

  • A7C body: Great colors, amazing autofocus, compact, I've never had higher than 24 MP so I don't know what I'm missing from the R models
  • 20/1.8 G, 35/1.4 GM, Sigma 65/2: My fast prime trio, sharp, great rendering, relatively lightweight, love the aperture rings
  • 50/2.8 Macro: I don't shoot a ton of macro so I didn't spring for the 90. This lens is very sharp and doubles as a nice nifty fifty if you don't need fast autofocus for action shots
  • 18-135 APS-C lens: lightweight, versatile, sharp, makes a nice combo with the A7C for casual shooting at 10 MP
  • 100-400 GM: Amazing for air shows, zoos, and anytime I need lots of reach.

Considering Dumping:

  • 70-200 f/4: Extremely sharp, but there's something a little bit flat about the rendering. I haven't been using it much.
  • 40/2.5 G: Good, but the 35 GM is so much better. I thought having this smaller option would make me bring out the camera more. But it isn't. I think there's no where that I'd bring this lens that I shouldn't bring the 35 instead.
  • a6600: I like the A7C so much better. I'm pretty much just keeping this as a backup body, or when I want extra reach with the 100-400.
  • Sigma 56/1.4: I really love this lens and have taken countless portraits with it. But I haven't used it much ever since getting FF and the Sigma 65/2. The only time I'll use it is if I want 2 bodies and 2 primes: A7C+35 and a6600+56 (85 equivalent).

Potential Interest:

  • Normal zoom lens for FF? If it's casual and the light is good, I just use my 18-135. If I need better IQ or low light, then it's my prime trio. I'm of course intrigued by the 24-70 GM II, but I don't think I really need it. I don't care if it's sharp, how's the rendering?! (Also on the table is the 16-55 APS-C or the 24-105, or even the older Zeiss 24-70)
  • 70-350 G - is it worth having a smaller telephoto that I can throw in my bag easier? I regret selling the 70-300
  • 70-200 GM II - for portraits maybe? I tried the Tamron 70-180 already. Very sharp but it didn't have that special something.
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