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John Ellis
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Wein Safe-Sync

Highy agree on using this Wein adapter. I blew my brand new S2 using a Vivitar 285. I now have the Safe Synd and have had no more problems since. Well worth the money.

rmarko wrote:

Flyball Rebel wrote:

Zapped wrote:

Not according to my favorite database:

Thanks for the info. I think my 283 is pre roll-film!!!! and after
reading your favorite database I definitely wont be using it on my
300D. Thanks again.

I too have an "old" 283 circa 1980's. I measured the voltage and
it is consistantly 265 volts! DO NOT USE YOUR 283 ON A DIGITAL

I have purchased a Wein "Safe-Sync" so I can use both the Vivitar
and my Norman Studio strobes w/digital. Measuring contacts of
Safe-Sync attached to Vivitar 283, voltage is now 6.2 volts and
although slightly outside of Canon's nominal 6v limit - I expect it
will do no harm.

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