Are there any crash-recovery measures for Camera RAW?

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Re: Are there any crash-recovery measures for Camera RAW?

MoreCowbell wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

remember that most of the newer edit capabilities built into ACR don't have to be applied during the initial conversion step. You can always go back into ACR (as a filter) later and utilize these RGB edit features with really no downside and several potential functional advantages (mainly related to layers).

I had never considered this and find it interesting. While I do use ACR as a filter when working in Photoshop I never considered if this would make the Photoshop autosave available. Sounds like it probably does and I think you may have solved the OP's question.

RIght, and don't forget that if you use the Open as Object option from ACR, even the basic raw conversion steps applied can be adjusted after-the-fact. There's really no compelling reason why you have to do everything up-front during the initial ACR stage and plenty of reasons why it's counterproductive in the ACR/PS world. As best I can tell it's something of a schizophrenic strategy that Adobe adopted - i.e., add more and more "features" into ACR to make it function more like LR. Well, if the LR workflow is what you like, why not just use it? PS is where the richness of the ACR+PS workflow still resides. Why fight against that with feature glut in ACR?

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