battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

curlyone wrote:

Its about protecting the sales of high end cameras, like the R3 and R1 when its turns up, sure the sensors are different, but its not all about that, with only a single battery the high speed frame rate runs out of puff, quicker than dual /or bigger battery option cameras, look at the R3 , much bigger buffer, battery has more grunt to keep on motoring, than the R7, put grip on R7 it would motor on too.

There are many other features on those high-end cameras that separate them from the R7.  The most obvious being the sensor size.  But also the much more rugged build & weather sealing, and the built-in grip that negates weather intrusion at the connection points.  Faster & more accurate AF, larger buffer size, frame rate.

Allowing for adding an accessory grip would not have added much at all to the retail cost.  And as noted, Canon's APS-C xxD and 7D series bodies had the option.  There really was no good reason to exclude the R7 from it.  But it appears from other comments the body was downsized so much that there physically is not room to allow for 2 batteries end to end anyway.

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