battery grip for R7?

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Re: battery grip for R7?

PicPocket wrote:

curlyone wrote:

They want to be able to sell their higher end cameras, thats why they cripple their lower end cameras, buying a grip for any/all their cameras upto now, has been an option, which one pays for , its not compulsory to buy them for the camera to work.

You say it as if it's a fact

Let me tell you something though - they want to be able to sell their higher end cameras, and they want to also be able to sell their lower end cameras. And while at it, they want to sell a lot more of their lower end cameras to break even due to how margin and volumes work.

Why do you presume you differentiate their products into higher and lower end? Isn't it obvious they should be different then. To get something to lower end, they have to lower the price. How do you suggest that happens?

Something that always happens in past can change, and that is what happened here. The product differentiation is not new though, that has existed forever for all companies that make more than one model of same product at different price points

I think you need to also add that not one product will fit all. When ML first arrived people were clamouring for smaller kit, lighter kit all over these forums. When they get just that others are not happy. It is a difficult balance for a company like Canon I would suspect. I would hazard a guess a huge amount of market research has been done and all has been carefully considered. There will always be some who throw toys from the cot when they don’t get exactly what they want, but it is usually a minority. The rest will buy at the level that suits their needs.

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