Compact everyday lens - Tamron 28-75 G2 or Sigma 28-70 DG DN?

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Re: Compact everyday lens - Tamron 28-75 G2 or Sigma 28-70 DG DN?

4Photos wrote:

Sebastian Z wrote:

papajohnny wrote:

Distortion is easily corrected in LR:

There are zero problems in real life.

This is exactly what I'm refering to, first 3 photos of the wall...this is dissaster, I call it how I see it. Those lines should be straight like an arrorw.

And they will be perfectly straight if processed correctly. All modern lenses (more or less) depend on software correction. Probably the profiles in LR where off. This is NOT a problem with the lens, but a problem with the software you used (or the setting in the software).

See Dustin Abbott:

Essentially he finds the same as you, but it becomes a non-issue once LR has the proper profile for this lens.

It is exactly what I see, check his 28mm "corrected" version, to me it is unacceptable, while non issue for some it will be unacceptable for others.

I have the exact same photo of the brick wall and there is no way to perfectly correct it, no matter what you do, check his top left and right "corrected" it is not only distorted but also asymmetrically distorted.

Chart 1 of 34

comapre to Tamronwhile not 100% perfect it is way better, you can actually trick untrained eye. But Sigma... noway looks all wraped and shifted.

I guess for shooting non architecture while travel it is ok, but the moment you start shoting buildings... it is waste of time.

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