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Michael Fryd wrote:

In a traditional commercial photography setting, it is not unusual for a photographer to bill for "creative services". This would be a fee that the photographer charges for creating the images. Licensing for the client to actually use the images would be a separate fee, and would vary with the scope of the intended use. Geographic area, media, and time would all be factors in the scope of the usage.

While you may think this is a crazy arrangement, this used to be a very common arrangement.

I know it was common about 20 years ago - and my clients thought it was crazy too - especially since I couldn't explain to them what the ‘Creative fee’ was actually for, besides for my time and expenses to do the work.

Times are changing. It is becoming more common for photographers to sell unlimited usage rights, or even sell the copyright.

As you know, Michael, I just ask my clients to pay me for the Rights to use my images - so I would have no problems selling them "unlimited usage rights" or a Licence to use my images in 'All media for 10+ years throughout the World'...

.. if they prepared to pay me the full amount that I would want to be paid, for agreeing to that.

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