Interior photography - Upgrade from Sony α900

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Re: Interior photography - Upgrade from Sony α900

I want to thank everyone for contributing to the conversation.

Fujix100vuseruk wrote:

Also seriously consider adding an high end smartphone and get yourself a high end LiDAR scanning app as this can scan a room in minutes, give you 2D / 3D layouts .

It can even scan your products and using VR allow your client to a preview your product in place before installing.

Thank you. I've tried, but our traditional workflow works much better for now (or perhaps I just spent not enough time trying to get into it). As we sell quite custom furniture, we need to be extremely accurate. We often do building that where build in early 1900s, so you can imagine how walls are living their own life there.

Ido Scharf wrote:

The a6300 should be great for your needs, at least as far as image quality is concerned. So as long as it meets your needs (in ergonomics, a useful screen, etc.) you should at the very least give it a shot with an appropriate lens. That would be a whole lot cheaper than buying a Sony a7 III and a new lens.

I really like quality photos as well as quality products. The A6300 is quite limited in terms of ergonomy, but I will definitely try switching. If I like it I can always upgrade to something bigger.
Thank you for some literature. Will definitely get into it in a free time.
Great community you are creating here guys, so different than my home country. The only advice from them was to hire a professional photographer.

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