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BIF shots are overrated

As a longtime photographer and birder, I have to say that I don't think the emphasis on BIF shots is good for photography or birds.

I recognize that a nice BIF shot is pleasing. They can be challenging to create, however improvements in technology (including software) make them much easier. We have subject tracking, burst modes and autofocus, as well as software to improve what the camera captured or create something the photographer didn't capture. I'm reminded of the adage about a roomful of monkeys eventually reproducing the works of Shakespeare.

What story do BIF images tell? That birds fly? That's shouldn't be a surprise.

I prefer images of birds doing nonflying activities, such as gathering food or nesting. As much as I think anthropomorphism is harmful to nonhuman animals, even those shots can tell a story (as long as the animal isn't harmed or coerced).

BIF images can help in identification of birds, especially those not easily seen when they are not flying. But birds don't always look the same when flying as they do when perched. Of course, seeing their posture when flying is fun. But as a story, it's lacking.

I've seen some nice images of birds flying as part of another a activity, which is a good story.

I think BIF photographers need to keep in mind that photography should tell a story, and not just show off the skills of a human using a camera.

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