D5 XQD card

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Re: D5 XQD card

twamers wrote:

MoreCowbell wrote:

Chuck Yadmark wrote:

D500 and D5 and D850 are firmware updated to use CFExpress B

a 128GB card is about 100 dollars

a conversion to CF probably run around 400 and be inferior in speed by a lot.

Thanx for sharing.

Problem is I need a LOT more than one card:)

And the speed will not be an issue for me.

In your position I would just buy Sony G series XQD - your saving it seems on the cost of the camera body which is almost brand new.

I agree. I prefer smaller capacity cards and have no use for anything faster than my current collection of CF cards, but I guess that's just "not in the cards" so to speak

If I don't have it converted it seems that the best solution for me would be to tolerate the larger capacity cards and just purchase fewer of them.  Adorama has the 120 gb Sony cards on closeout at $198, so if a 32GB card has been my reference that at least gets cost it down to the same ballpark on a per GB basis.

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