Fuji Dilemmas X-T4 / X-T30 II

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Fuji Dilemmas X-T4 / X-T30 II


Few years ago I sold all gear (Canon) and since then I've been shooting mainly with 1" superzoom and Mobile.
Lately I've been getting this urge to jump back to interchangeable lenses / bigger sensors.
One of the reasons I sold everything back then was because it was to cumbersome.  17-55 2.8, 70-200 2.8, primes.. too much to carry. I travel a lot and I like to do trekking / hiking.

Cut to the point:
I got a crush on the X-T4. Seems like an amazing camera. Since it's WR body, I figured it's best to get the 16-80 OIS WR lens kit ($1930).  I don't see the point of getting the 18-55 2.8-4 kit if the body is WR and the lens isn't.
And then there's the X-T30.
Smaller, lighter. Way more travel friendly.  But since it's not WR, there is no point getting the 16-80 lens. So I figured it is best with the 18-55 2.8-4 kit ($1270)
It's also a lot cheaper option...but... no weather resistant and more importantly - no IBIS.
Size diff:

It's a hard choice.  If there was a X-T40 with IBIS - I would probably lean to that.. 
What do you think? It's silly to get a camera without IBIS in 2022, right?
Also the f4 is bothering me a bit, not 100% confident in the bokeh it can achieve.

1. Silly to buy non IBIS body?
2. Would you wait for X-T40 which will probably have IBIS (but not WR), or just get the T4?


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