Left Weighted S1?

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Re: Left Weighted S1?

georgehudetz wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Camera balance is a big deal for me, since I have wrist and elbow problems. It's also why the S5 is so good, in spite of being outside my weight comfort zone, and why other FF cameras have not been. ( I used a Nikon D750 for a couple of weeks some years ago, and it flared up my wrist pain horribly...took months for it to calm down, actually, after that. Initially it felt quite comfortable to hold, but after a couple of outings...man, ouch!). (The S5 even with the 70-300mm Lumix lens, is really well balanced, by the way. I had some initial discomfort with it for the first couple of times I used it, but then all of a sudden, I must have just adjusted to it, because it's been totally fine since then. Exactly the opposite of what happened with the D750, very odd.)

Interesting - and makes sense. For me it's kind of the opposite.

I was shooting Fuji, but was a little disaffected by some of their lens releases, and I thought to myself "I can currently handle a heavier camera, but I might not be able to in 5 or 10 years. Why not go for it now?" So between the 47 MP S1R sensor, the ergonomics, and the very good Panny zooms, I went for it. Of course at the time, I actually believed I'd only buy 3 lenses, but I' so far beyond that now it's ridiculous. It happened so fast...

I do think that in 10 years I'll be like Tom is with his EF glass, but I'll have this collection of L-mount glass. Here's hoping the alliance survives!

George I honestly think that your S1R will still be very competitive 10 years after it was first released.  On the other hand the Sony/Canon/Nikon bodies of today will all be a few models superseded by then.

Once you reach big market volume you have to keep that volume up or put your production line on mothballs if you ever make a perfect model camera that your customer base feels that it no longer needs to update.

I loved the EF lenses, I liked the dslr to go with them - but I ran out of money trying to keep my latest dslr body current.

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