Left Weighted S1?

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Re: Left Weighted S1?

Camera balance is a big deal for me, since I have wrist and elbow problems.  It's also why the S5 is so good, in spite of being outside my weight comfort zone, and why other FF cameras have not been.  ( I used a Nikon D750 for a couple of weeks some years ago, and it flared up my wrist pain horribly...took months for it to calm down, actually, after that.  Initially it felt quite comfortable to hold, but after a couple of outings...man, ouch!).  (The S5 even with the 70-300mm Lumix lens, is really well balanced, by the way.  I had some initial discomfort with it for the first couple of times I used it, but then all of a sudden, I must have just adjusted to it, because it's been totally fine since then.  Exactly the opposite of what happened with the D750, very odd.)

I have not tried the S1 or S1R because I knew they were out of my joint capabilities, but I suspect you have run into a conflict with your own and the cameras.

Maybe try an S5 for comparison?


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