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Re: Bringing back memories ...

Norm Neely wrote:

Klaus dk wrote:

Norm Neely wrote:

24IS wrote:

Norm Neely wrote:

cdeyoung wrote:

It doesn't look like motion blur to me, though I guess it could be

That's my guess. other than that, the photo looks great.

Nah... This photo is a train wreck. However, it makes a very useful point: AI-generated "OOF" is unreliable, and at best, a crap shoot. Stick to real cameras.

If it is a train wreck to you that is fine.

The photo looks good enough to bring back memories of the occasion for the OP.

When the OP thinks about it, he will have a mental picture of the scene that is probably perfect for him.

It may well bring back memories, even happy ones, but technically, it's still remarkably bad.

Then maybe the best option is people should quit taking phone pictures and purchase a Canon R1 when it is released. Then delete all pictures that are not technically perfect.

The chance of a perfect picture is hopefully pretty good with the upcoming R1???

Maybe consider the PhaseOne IQ4 150MP.

No need to go this far.  Why not use the phone camera in its default mode?  Everything in the image comes out pretty much in focus; no surprises.

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